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TAP Air Portugal gives you useful tips on baggage.

Excess Value Declaration

Passengers may make take advantage of an increased limit of liability by filling out a special declaration, during check in at the latest, and paying an additional fee.


  • The declaration must be completed in advance.
  • The total excess value to be declared must not exceed USD 2,500.00 (or equivalent). TAP charges a fee of 10% of the declared value.
  • This declaration is only valid for routes operated by TAP Portugal.
  • The passenger must always be in possession of the declaration and the corresponding proof of payment.
  • One declaration must be filled in for each passenger.
  • Any passenger intending to fill in an excess value declaration should arrive at the airport at least 3 hours ahead of departure so that their baggage and any necessary documents can be checked.
  • The passenger is required to provide the details of their reservation and an identity document.
  • Baggage must be examined by the passenger upon arrival at the destination.  If there are any issues, please report this to the Lost and Found office at baggage claim and before leaving the baggage claim area.
General advice:
  • Baggage must always be clearly marked with the name and the address of the passenger, as well as be locked or secured with a padlock.
  • Checked baggage should not contain fragile or perishable items, valuables or documents.
  • Transporting bottles of wine and/or olive oil is considered transportation of merchandise and, as such, is subject to special conditions for storage and importation that can only be carried out by registering these goods as cargo.
  • When checking baggage in, passengers should make sure that their baggage coupon matches their destination. For flights to Europe with a stopover in Lisbon, the final destination must be marked on the baggage coupon.
  • The passenger should make sure that the number on the bag tag matches the number printed on the coupon, when claiming the baggage at the destination.
  • Please respect the baggage allowance.
  • Any issues regarding baggage must be made known to TAP personnel straight away, during baggage claim or as soon as it becomes clear that baggage is missing, before leaving the baggage claim area.
For your own security, TAP advises you: not to carry baggage belonging to others without knowing what it contains.