More than one thousand wishes have come true in Portugal over the last 10 years. The Make-A-Wish action takes place all over the country and relies on the help of about 300 volunteers. The wish of a Portuguese child is fully organised and funded by the foundation, with the support of its partners and donors. Make-A-Wish Portugal has been making hundreds of wishes for children and teenagers come true since 2007, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life, giving them moments of genuine joy.

The TAP Miles Solidarity Programme let Make a Wish make 14 dreams come true, giving 14 families who travelled on TAP Air Portugal strength, joy and hope to children and young people suffering from serious, progressive, degenerative or malignant diseases. Making the wish of a child who is seriously ill come true drives hope, which is the most precious thing they can get.

Six wishes were fulfilled in 2017:
  • 3 "I'd like to go to EuroDisney” wishes;
  • 2 “I'd like to go to New York” wishes;
  • 1 “I'd like to be a pilot” wish.
Eight wishes were fulfilled in 2018:
  • 4 "I'd like to meet Cristiano Ronaldo" wishes;
  • 4 "I'd like to go to EuroDisney” wishes.