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Social Designation

So we can evaluate any potential partnership, your application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Minutes of most recent general meeting at which the governing bodies were elected;
  • Articles of Association;
  • Annual Report and Accounts.

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The documents must be in one of the following formats: ZIP; 7ZIP; RAR (maximum 2MB).

    Brief description of organisation’s mission
    Please let us know the purpose of your organisation and what it intends to do and for whom (maximum 400 characters).
    Complement your mission with your organisation’s strategic direction: how it was formed, where it is now and where it is heading (maximum 1000 characters).
    Tell us the areas in which your organisation works, highlighting the services and products provided and for whom (maximum 1000 characters).
    Tell us about the organisation’s knowledge and experience in the main areas in which it works. You need to tell us for how long the organisation has operated in this area, the type of initiatives and projects it has developed in the respective areas and their impact on beneficiaries and the community (maximum 1300 characters).
    Identify the organisation’s need for volunteers (maximum 200 characters). E.g. Recommendations for the organisation’s energy efficiency; Excel training; hands-on experience.
    Sources of funding
    (choose 1to 3 options)
    Diagnosis: need for travel
    How did you find out about the TAP Donate Miles Programme?
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    Indicate your organisation’s specific project’s and/or travel requirements (maximum 800 characters).
    Let us know the number of trips your organisation will make, including the destinations and respective periods (maximum 800 characters).
    Let us know the purpose of the trips and the final beneficiaries (maximum 300 characters).
    Characterize the beneficiaries of the trips (maximum 300 characters).
    Identify the metrics for evaluating the results of this request (maximum 500 characters). E.g. Higher education of x youths; participation of a team of x youths in international competitions; X awareness activities on the importance of vaccination.
    Explain the impact this support will have on your organisation and/or specific project (maximum 1500 characters).
    Insert a link to your video (Facebook or YouTube), which should be no more than 3 (unedited) minutes long. This pitch should explain the impact this support will have.
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