Neo fleet

Neo avant-garde is a new movement in the air.

Being the first company in the world to operate the Airbus A330neo, TAP inaugurates a new way of long haul traveling.


And another important innovation for all passengers: TAP is the first European airline offering web based messaging on long haul flights for all clients in this aircraft, for free.

What's new in A330neo?

+ power
New sharklets and increase of the wing extension to 64 m.

New Rolls-Royce Trent engine and pylon with titanium coating.

+400 nautical miles than with the current A330.
+ efficiency
Less noise pollution.

Noise reduction technology.

14% less fuel consumption.
+ commodity
LED Ambient Light with color variation.

Latest generation entertainment system and internet.

Bathrooms with ambient light and sound, aroma dispenser and antibacterial surfaces.
+ room
New cabine.

Luggage compartment 66% larger.

Latest generation full-flat seats in Executive Class travels | More ergonomic seats and with more room in Economy Class.
+ comfort
Quietest cabin.

Interior AirSpace.
+ technology
Runway overrun prevention – prevents overrunning the airstrip during landing.

System with Wifi, for a more efficient flight management.

A321-251N – greener, faster and more versatile

This “half-brother” of the neo fleet adds value to the A321, through specific, but significant, changes and improvements. It has a cabin that appears similar in aspect and size to the previous model – after the most recent changes to the cabin – with 216 seats and two types of seat, but new comfortable and more modern equipment has been added.

It is more efficient, using up to 15% less fuel than the A321. This saving results in greater functionality.

In addition to its economic and environmental advantages, this aircraft is more operationally flexible. By using less fuel, the A321neo can travel further, allowing it to be used for more destinations in the TAP network.

Airbus A320-251N – unique and advanced

The A320neo is an improved version of the A320. It has more space in the hold and in the cabin, longer range, and it incorporates the latest generation motors and SharkletTM devices on the wingtips.

These characteristics have turned it into the most advanced and fuel-efficient single-aisle aircraft. It has enabled a reduction of pollution and noise emissions by around 50% compared to the industry average.