Digital Kiosk

We have combined comfort and sustainability by making press content available in digital format to ensure your journey is lighter and more environmentally friendly.

An in-flight reading innovation

TAP Air Portugal is modern and aware of the importance of its contribution to environmental sustainability, which is why you can use the TAP Mobile and TAP Media apps to download your favorite newspapers and magazines to read during your flight.
At the same time as TAP is contributing to reducing the amount of waste paper, it is also increasing the number of digital press titles (national and international) available anytime and anywhere. It has never been easier to stay ahead. 

How it works

Through the TAP Mobile app (for smartphones) and the TAP Media app (for smartphones and tablets), TAP Air Portugal has made the Digital Kiosk available to all passengers with a TAP reservation. Just associate your reservations on your favorite app and earn credits to unlock the publications.

You can begin downloading:

  • Once you have checked-in;
  • Open the kiosk menu (if using the TAP Mobile app);
  • Click the “add reservation” button;
  • Enter your reservation code/number (TAP reservations have six alphanumeric characters) and your first and last names;
  • You are ready to download;
  • Happy reading.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The number of titles you can download depends on the product you have purchased: 
    - tap|executive: may download up to seven titles;
    - tap|plus: may download three titles;
    - tap|classic and tap|basic: may download two titles;
    - tap|discount: has access to just one title;
  2. TAP Miles&Go Silver Clients may download three titles;
  3. TAP Miles&Go Gold Clients may download up to seven titles;
  4. If you are a TAP Corporate Top Card or TAP Platinum Visa cardholder, you will have access to seven titles, except when traveling tap|discount, when the rules of the fare apply;
  5. The kiosk is only available to TAP clients and not to those who made reservations with other companies on flights operated by TAP;
  6. When you provide your first and last names in your chosen app, please check they are the same as on your electronic ticket;
  7. You cannot change your title once the download is complete, and nor can you restore a deleted title;
  8. This service is not available on flights departing from Vigo.
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Print media

For those who enjoy handling a newspaper or magazine, we have several printed titles available in TAP lounges in Portugal and abroad. 
Because of TAP’s commitment to environmental sustainability we have removed all paper copies of newspapers and magazines - except the in-flight magazine, UP – from our aircraft. 

You will find printed newspapers and magazines at the following locations:

  • TAP Premium Lounge, Lisbon and Funchal;
  • Star Alliance Lounge at São Paulo - Guarulhos;
  • LH Lounge in New York.