OnAir WiFi - In-flight Internet

OnAir Wi-Fi

Even up in the clouds, you can access the Internet and travel to other worlds.

Surf the net while you fly

TAP was one of the first airlines to offer onboard Internet. Up in the clouds or on the ground, stay connected to the Web.

The OnAir Wi-Fi Internet system is currently available on TAP’s routes between Europe and North and South America, on board its A330 fleet (the aircraft Pedro Nunes, Vasco da Gama, João XXI, João Gonçalves Zarco and Fernão de Magalhães).

View the terms of access:

  • You can navigate using your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Connect to the OnAir Wi-Fi network, then open a browser and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Where can I get more information?
  • Instructions for use and price plans can be found in the log-in web portal. You can also ask the flight crew if your flight offers Wi-Fi connectivity.

Please be advised that there is a charge for this service and payment must be made by credit card.
  • 4 MB - $4,99 will be debited to your card.
  • 14 MB - $14,99 will be debited to your card.
  • 50 MB - $45,00 will be debited to your card.