New destinations in 2020

New routes for 2020 are already available! Discover more about the destinations that will start receiving TAP flights and book your next adventure!


Start of operations* : June 12 2020 (3 weekly flights)

Did you know TAP did not announce a new route to Brazil five years ago? What's so special about Maceió? In short: It is a true paradise not to be missed! The capital of the state of Alagoas in northeastern Brazil is the ideal destination for families and lovers of sun, sea and culture. Warm turquoise water beaches, golden sand, and roads adorned with coconut trees are some of the undeniable beauties of this city. Get involved with the culture of this destination and get lost in its history while crossing the Jaraguá neighborhood with buildings that portray the different periods of Maceió's life.


Start of operations: May 23 2020 (6 weekly flights)

And since we were talking about culture and history, welcome to Montreal! Though the skyscrapers bring New York to mind, its historical heritage inevitably links this city with France. By the way, this is the second largest francophone city, right after Paris. As the city of contrasts, Montreal invites its visitors to divide their days between nature, sports and festivals. Annoyance will not be a watchword when visiting Montreal!

Ponta Delgada - Boston

Start of operations: June 04 2020 (5 weekly flights)

The classical architecture and monuments scattered throughout Boston reveal a city that was at the origin of the founding of a country, and has always been a center of education, science and culture. In 2020, the new connection between Ponta Delgada and Boston will make them closer.

*Flights to/from Maceio are subject to government approval.

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