TAP Corporate Program

TAP Corporate Program

How do I earn Corporate rebates?

Once your registration is complete, you will be assigned a company identification code (e.g. CI123: CI - programme ID; X - country ID; 123 - company code). It will be through the company identification code that we will account for the trips of your company. This procedure applies to bookings made directly with TAP or through your travel agency and acquired in the country where you are registered in the programme. From there, all tickets purchased and flown by your employees at TAP and TAP Express will be credited to your company account.

How is the balance calculated?

Rebates added to the balance are calculated based on the amount of the Fare and Airline surcharge (YQ). Each TAP product has been assigned a certain percentage. 
tap|discount : 1 % 
tap|basic : 2 % 
tap|classic : 2 % 
tap|plus : 3 % 
tap|executive : 3 % 
tap|top executive : 3 % 
e.g.: Fare (300 EUR / 2000 BRL / 300 USD / 15000 CZK / 150000 HUF / 300 CHF / 2500 PLN / 30000 RUB / 500 GBP / 5000 NOK / 5000 SEK / 40000 DKK) + Airline surcharge (YQ) (150 EUR / 265 BRL / 150 USD / 4500 CZK / 45000 HUF / 150 CHF / 750 PLN / 9000 RUB / 150 GBP / 1500 NOK / 1500 SEK / 1200 DKK) x 3% (tap | plus) = 13,50 EUR / 67,95 BRL / 13,50 USD / 405 CZK / 4050 HUF / 13,50 CHF / 67,50 PLN / 810 RUB / 13,50 GBP / 130,50 NOK / 130,50 SEK / 108 DKK.

How to use the CI Code?

If you purchase your tickets through a travel agent, your CI Code must be inserted into the OSI booking as follows:
Example: CIP123 
Amadeus: OSTP CP/CIP123
Galileo: SI.TP*CP/CIP123
Sabre: 3OSI TP CP/CIP123
Apollo: @:3OSITP CP/CIP123
Worldspan: 3OSI TP CP/CIP123
Should you choose to purchase through flytap.com, the CI Code must be included in the “Booking Passenger Details” tab in the “Corporate programmes” field. 
The CI Code is entered automatically on purchases made through tapcorporate.com.

When using the balance, will my company earn a rebate on the amount of that purchase?

Points are earned based on the amount paid for the fare and the airline surcharge (YQ). If you use the accumulated balance to pay for these amounts in full, you will not earn anything. However, if you paid part of the cost, you will be entitled to earn a rebate on the portion you paid.

By accumulating TAP Corporate balance, do I still accumulate TAP Miles&Go miles?

Yes, as long as your employee has the TAP Miles&Go Customer number associated with the reservation, the TAP Corporate program offers balance for your company and TAP Miles&Go miles for the passenger making the flight.

How long does it take for TAP Corporate rebates to be credited to the account?

The TAP Corporate balance is credited based on what is actually flown. This will be credited to the company account in 72 hours after the flight has been made.

How long are TAP Corporate rebates valid?

Your TAP Corporate rebates are valid for two years from the end of the month in which they were credited to your company account.

After reading my account statement, I see that there are flights that have not been credited to my account. What should I do?

If you wish to claim missing points, you should make the claim in Your Account. In your personal area, you will find a form you can use to file the claim online. Please note that the claim can only be accepted within 6 months of the original date of the trip.

How can I check my TAP Corporate balance?

You can check your TAP Corporate balance in the My Corporate menu by selecting the Balances & Transactions option. Here you will see a list of all the rebates earned and all transactions made in your account.

Can I earn TAP Corporate rebates on all tickets issued?

TAP Corporate balance is only earned with TAP tickets (047) and for travel with TAP (flights on TAP or TAP Express aircraft) that is purchased in the country in which you are registered with the programme.


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