The Pearl of the Middle East.



At the gateway to Europe and on the edge of the Mediterranean, it opens the door to ancient cultures, nature adventures, human heritage, and of course some of the best food in the world. Reserve your trip to Lebanon and...

Discover a country with a rich heritage
In a country as small as Lebanon - it is the smallest in all continental Asia – why not head out to discover some of the places that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites?  The ruins at Anjar, the ancient Phoenician cities of Baalbek, Tyre and Byblos, and the Kadisha Valley are unmissable stop-offs on any trip to Lebanon. The presence of the cultural legacies of ancient civilizations is a constant reality during any visit and throughout the country. A trip to the past that will leave no-one indifferent.

Enjoy a cuisine that combines the best of many worlds
Lebanese cuisine is a successful combination of Arab and Mediterranean influences that are typical of Levantine gastronomy. Popular throughout the world, Lebanese delicacies include the renowned – and globally popular – baba ghanoush, falafel, and hummus. And don’t forget the delicious baklava dessert and the arak to accompany the meal. Nowadays, food is an increasingly important part of any trip. When the destination is as tasty as Lebanon, then it is a winning experience.

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