It’s one of the world’s smallest countries, but also one of the best to live in. Founder of the European Union, it’s close to everything and has a human dimension. Book a flight to Luxembourg.

In this Grand-Duchy of only 500 thousand people, the language spoken is a francophone variation of German. Those who visit Luxembourg can easily get to know the whole country.

Start in the centre...

Luxembourg City is the capital of a country characterised by natural contrasts and the richness of its products. The region of Moselle valley, on the southeast, is famous for its wines; and on the Ardennes area, on the north, landscape is filled with medieval castles and natural reserves

.... and see it all in three days

In Mullerthal region, we find Luxembourg’s oldest city: Echternach. It’s known because of the dancing procession, the roman villa and the Benedictine abbey founded in the year 698. Also impressive is the American Military Cemetery, with over 5000 combatants of II World War.

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