Newlyweds Maridalva and Cristiano told us about their Portugal Stopover experience in Lisbon.

Episode 2

The Brazilian couple used it to enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon in Lisbon 

Maridalva and Cristiano, who live in São Luís do Maranhã, Brazil, have always dreamed of visiting Portugal, and especially Lisbon. When they were looking for flights they came across TAP’s Portugal Stopover program and did not want to miss the chance to get to see two locations for the price of one.
 “We loved it! We really didn’t expect to see so much in so little time,” said Cristiano. The Brazilian couple traveled the city by tuk-tuk, visiting some of Lisbon’s oldest neighborhoods, and ate in the restaurants suggested by the Portugal Stopover app.
 Amazed by the experience and happy with the start to their honeymoon, the couple said that “the Portugal Stopover program was very well designed. It is a unique way to discover Lisbon in such a short space of time”.