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What is overbooking?

Overbooking occurs when the number of booked passengers in a flight is greater than the number of seats of the plane.

In this case, TAP will look for volunteers willing to postpone their trip for an alternative flight and compensate them.

Why does TAP overbook?

TAP follows an overbooking policy, like other airlines, because some of our clients reserve flights and then fail to show for check-in and boarding. 

This is the policy followed by TAP. Using advanced flight management system, TAP forecasts possible passenger no-shows at check-in, which gives booking opportunities to other customers who otherwise would not be able to get a confirmed reservation due to the fact the flights are sold out.

This policy may give rise to situations in which more passengers than expected show up at check-in. In such cases, TAP will actively seek volunteers who are willing to fly at other times, receiving some kind of compensation. If no volunteers come forward, TAP may take the measures provided for by law.

As a volunteer, will I be able to board my original flight?

Yes, all passengers must go always to the boarding gate where they will be given the latest situation update, and you may even embark on your original flight even if you agreed to be a volunteer. Only at the boarding gate can it be ascertained if any passenger needs to be moved to another flight.

In case I do not board my original flight, what support do I have the right to expect?

All passengers affected by this situation, whether volunteers or not, will be placed on an alternative flight and given the respective compensation, according to current legislation. Financial compensation shall be paid whenever possible in the form of a card, which may be used to pay for items in the same way as any other debit card, or be used to withdraw the cash from an ATM.

What are the advantages of volunteering?

If you are accepted as a volunteer, your compensation terms may be negotiated. You will also be seated on the next available flight. If your alternative flight is not on the same day we shall provide hotel accommodation and guarantee your transfer in time for your next flight. The types of compensation differ, but if you voluntarily agree to change your flight, you may not request a ticket refund.

What will happen to my baggage?

Any baggage is transferred onto your new flight. In case you decide not to fly, or your alternative flight is on another day and you consider it necessary to reclaim your baggage, this shall be delivered to you.

What will happen to any additional services I have paid for?

The TAP team in charge of the reservation of your alternative flight will be guarantee you obtain any additional services you purchased for your original flight. If it fails to do so, you should contact Talk to Us to be refunded for the total value of the service or receive a voucher, valid for 1 year from issuance, to pay for the same service.

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