Photo taken from the center of an access pier of a train station. On the left side of the image is visible a red blur, which corresponds to a train running at some speed. On the right side are visible several railway lines and some stationary train carriages.
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Rail & Fly

Arrange your trip in the air and on the ground. Travel with TAP and take the train with Deutsche Bahn.

Rail & Fly Germany

TAP has teamed up with Deutsche Bahn in Germany as part of the Rail & Fly program.

Thanks to this partnership, our passengers can travel between all the train stations operated by Deutsche Bahn in Germany (but also in Basel and Salzburg) and between all the airports served by the TAP network in this country. They can also travel between the airports of Amsterdam (AMS), Zurich (ZRH), and Brussels (BRU).

Purchasing the ticket and conditions of use

The Rail&Fly service is valid for all trains on the Deutsche Bahn network and selected routes in the case of the TGV and Railjets networks. If the flight is booked in Business class, the train trip is in first class, if the flight is booked in Economy Class, the train trip is in second class. The train trip can be booked through your travel agency or TAP's Contact Centre at the same time you book your plane ticket.

Your advantages:

  • Travel booking without a specific rail connection - this means that the schedule on the day of the trip can be freely selected between all DB trains.
  • From / to each of the more than 5,600 DB train stations.
  • To/from any airport in Germany where TAP operates, as well as to/from the airports of Amsterdam, Zurich and Brussels.
  • Valid on the usual route in the direction of the destination station. Detours due to the timetable are permitted.
  • Valid on the day before departure and on the day of departure, as well as on the day of return and the day after.

Check-In Process with Deutsche Bahn:

The check-in is mandatory and is available 72 hours before departure, to check-in just go to and follow these steps: 

  • Enter your flight name and filekey or your ticket number.
  • You can add up to 4 passengers that are part of the same plane booking and that want exactly the same rail connection for the whole trip.
  • Select the appropriate railway link.
  • Review and confirm passengers and the desired railway connection.
  • The ticket will be sent to your email or you can download it.

Keep this ticket, it (together with your identity document and airline ticket) must be presented on board the train when requested.

  • Tickets are valid for the day before departure, the day of departure, the day of arrival and the following day. However, you must inform TAP when booking if you are going to use the ticket for travel the day before departure.
  • See all the terms and conditions here.
Important information

The train schedules indicated in the booking are fictitious.
The most convenient actual time can be chosen in the train at the time of check-in.
To avoid the loss of a connecting flight, we recommend that the arrival at the airport by train with Deutsche Bahn be made at least 2 hours in advance of the flight time.

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