Dom Pedro Hotels

Dom Pedro Hotels

Earn and spend miles with Dom Pedro Hotels.

Dom Pedro group hotels are valued for the charm of their location, their comfort and their personalized service.
Benefit from your stay and earn miles at any of the group’s 8 units in Portugal or Brazil.

How to earn miles at Dom Pedro Hotels

Enjoy the elegance and comfort of the hotels and collect miles from your stay.

To earn miles on your stay at a Dom Pedro Hotel, just let them know you are a TAP Victoria Client when booking. Bookings should be made through the reservations department or on the Dom Pedro Hotels website. The miles you have collected during your stay are automatically credited to your Victoria Account after you check out.

Enjoy your stay!

€1 spent hotel in Portugal
2 miles
€1 spent spa, restaurant or bar in Portugal
4 miles
r$2 spent spa, restaurant or bar in Brazil
1 mile

Terms and conditions

  1. The valid rates for earning miles are: Rack Rates, Corporate, BAR (Best Available Rate) and also all bookings directly made with Dom Pedro hotels through the respective booking departments or on the website. 
  2. The miles credit request must be made within 6 months of the date of the activity and will be completed within a maximum of 90 days.
  3. Once the miles have been credited to the Client’s Account they cannot be returned.
20,000 miles
Dom Pedro Garajau 2 nights in a double room, breakfast included
70,000 miles
Dom Pedro Laguna 4 nights in a deluxe apartment, breakfast included
8,000 miles
€25 discount voucher
16,000 miles
€50 discount voucher
25,000 miles
€75 discount voucher
60,000 miles
Dom Pedro Lisboa 2 nights in a double room, breakfast included