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    Gagnez des miles et suivez la mode avec Burberry

    At Burberry’s there’s style to give and to receive!

    And because giving gifts to someone special is always in fashion, see and take advantage of all the offers that Burberry has for you!

    Receive a €200 voucher by using only 60,000 miles.

    Merry Christmas and enjoy your shopping.

    60.000 miles
    igual a
    €200 voucher

    Terms and Conditions

    • Vouchers can only be exchanged in specifically designated stores;
    • Whenever a voucher is used for a purchase costing less than its value, the system automatically provides a credit voucher that can only be exchanged at the retail chain where issued;
    • Use-by date once issued: March 31 2018;
    • Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other existing discount or promotional offer;
    • Each Voucher must clearly state the value, retail outlet and voucher number;
    • Vouchers can only be exchanged for items on their presentation in participating stores, together with one’s Victoria Card;
    • No returns accepted;
    • Participating store: Av. da Liberdade (Lisboa).