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TAP continues to gradually adjust its operation in response to the lifting of mobility restrictions that were imposed, as well as the willingness and desire to travel. Doing so always with the greatest safety.
TAP Clean& Safe
Your health and safety are our priority.
We have developed and implemented new standard for hygiene, health and sanitary safety - TAP Clean & Safe, which is in line with the guidelines of EASAIATADGS UCS,, so that you can travel safely.

Find out here the measures we have been implementing and the good practices to ensure that you can travel safely.

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For extraordinary times, extraordinary solutions. We offer flexibility, value, time and peace of mind to manage your reservation.

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Our operation respects the mobility restrictions that were defined, at all times, by the government authorities of the countries where the Company operates. Therefore, this operation plan is subject to change.

Travel restrictions and entry requirements

    Make sure that you are informed on the travel restrictions and entry requirements of the country you are traveling to, in order to ensure that you arrive to your destination without any mishap.
Important information
We ask that you contact us, by phone, only if you are unable to use our website and if your trip is scheduled for the next 72 hours.

If you ticket is within the conditions mentioned on this page, we recommend that the free change of your ticket or the request of the refund voucher be made online through Manage Booking.

Our Contact Center is receiving an extremely high amount of calls and regret the inconvenience that this situation may cause our passengers. We are making every effort to help all our Clients. To ensure that our response is swift as possible, please use our various online platforms, such as the website, our social networks and live chat.

Find out what to do in your case

Operation for my destination and flight has been canceled:
After the request, the voucher will be issued for the value of the unused ticket and no re-routing will be allocated. The voucher will be sent by email and will be valid for a future purchase with TAP.

Operation to my destination remains but my flight has been canceled:
We are providing rerouting on another flight and information of the new flight will be sent by e-mail. If the new flight is not of your convenience, you may contact TAP to change it or request the issuance of a voucher for the value of unused ticket here. The voucher will be sent by email and will be valid for a future purchase with TAP.

I want to change / cancel my journey: 
If you are not going to travel, change or cancel your trip in advance.
Use Manage Booking to change the dates of your flight(s) online. The possibility of a free change will be presented if your reservation is eligible. If it isn’t, the change will be done in accordance to the fare rules.
Alternatively, you can request the issuance of a voucher here, in accordance to fare rules. The voucher will be sent by email and will be valid for a future purchase with TAP.

Reschedule or request voucher/refund
    More flexibility, more value, more time and peace of mind to manage your reservation.
Extra flights
In order for us to try and help you, please fill out the form. Find out more.