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New year, new travel, new destinations

Start making your wish list now and give wings to all those dreams that were grounded in 2020. Pack your bags... We have a whole world to discover.
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Have you chosen your next destination?
After a year like 2020, the desire to explore the world is even greater, and being in the right place at the right time is one of the best combinations for a perfect trip. That's we give you 12 destination suggestions, so that you can enjoy the best things the world has to offer... one for each month!
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New TAP destinations

Maceió, A true heaven on earth

With crystal-clear waters, ranging from light green to turquoise, with natural pools and golden sands and with vast green swathes of coconut palms and sugar cane farms. 

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Cape Town stretches from the sea to the iconic Table Mountain

You really must take a trip along the road to the Cape of Good Hope, which was previously known as the Cape of Storms.

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Cancún, a place to go as a couple, with friends or with family.

The intense blue of the sea and the contrasting white of the sand, make the beaches of Cancún authentic postcard scenery, with the hotel zone, where most of the hotels are located, famous for being shaped like the number 7. 

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Discover Portugal

An adventure on the EN2

With 739 kilometers, this Portuguese road runs through the country from north to south, connecting the city of Chaves, in Trás-os-Montes, to the city of Faro, in the Algarve, and is the third longest in the world.

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Óbidos, One of Portugal's 7 Wonders

Discover one of Europe's most beautiful medieval towns, just an hour's drive from Lisbon!

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Braga, a City with Historic Vitality

Braga is a city of contrasts. Over 2000 years of existence have given it a very rich history, despite being, on the other hand, the Portuguese city with the highest number of young people per square metre.

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New on board

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Kalani - Gift from Heaven
"Kalani swims in the ocean where the even fish are afraid to," this is how Garrett McNamara describes the protagonist of this documentary, Kalani Lattanzi, a Brazilian bodysurfer born in Hawaii, who bravely faces the biggest waves in the world, only with his body and a pair of fins.

We talked to Nuno Dias, who told us why he decided to make a film about Kalani. Don't miss it!
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  • The best tips for your trip

    Do you wonder where to take the best selfie, or where to eat that delicious dish you had never heard of before? Now you can discover this and much more!
    To help you discover our destinations, there is nothing better than asking for help from those who travel with us every day and turn your dream trips into reality: TAP's staff!
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    Menu: Toronto
    New restaurants and new flavours: our TAP employee has prepared a gastronomic guide to follow to the letter on your visit to Toronto.
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    What to do in São Paulo?
    Discover the secrets of São Paulo through the eyes of our TAP employee. You will want to book right away!
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    Walkabout in Lisbon
    Do you want to get to know Lisbon? Read this very special article and discover the best parts of the city.

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    Unforgettable places

    Norway. Is This Country Real?

    Visiting Norway is to demystify the low profile apparently cultivated by Scandinavia’s most northern country. Natural beauty reigns here like in no other place in the world.

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    The Other Side of the Apple

    It’s true you must see the legendary spots of New York City when you visit it. But besides the usual — and frequently crowded — attractions, there are other options that allow you to experience the city’s extraordinary life. And confirm why it is so special.

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    Travelling solo in Israel

    There is an image of Israel... that all its tourism is religious. No. Not all of it is! This is a destination for all tastes.

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