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Find out about TAP Air Portugal and its large family.

Does TAP offer special terms for conventions?

Yes. Usually, a discount is available with the following conditions:
  • Online bookings at flytap.com only (the ticket will always be an e-ticket);
  • Payment by credit card
  • Flights operated by TAP only (code share flights with other companies are not included).

The conditions and restrictions relating to changes and refunds are those of the applicable fare. Please check fare details before completing your booking.

You should also look check the conditions available on the conference website you are going to attend.

Where can I learn more about current conventions?

You can check the list of events here.

I'm having a conference. Can I sign an agreement with TAP?

Yes. TAP is your best partner when organising a convention, conference,  seminar or any other corporate event.

We offer you the flexibility you need for each event and for each participant.

For more information click here.

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