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Answers to your questions about luggage during your whole journey.

What is checked luggage?

This is the luggage you hand over to TAP at the check-in counter. TAP provides free registration tags for this purpose.

What are the procedures for checked luggage?

Your luggage will be checked in the hold of the same aircraft you are travelling on. It should be identified with the name and and address and telephone number of the passenger and properly closed (except USA) to ensure safe carriage.

Please make sure you do not over-pack your luggage and that it complies with all restrictions and rules, which you can see here.

Find out all luggage recommendations here.

How far in advance can I drop off my luggage?

The opening times for luggage drop-off depends on which airport you’re departing from. You can learn about check-in and drop-off times here. We recommend you leave sufficient time in case there are long queues.

Are any items prohibited in hand baggage?

Yes. For safety reasons, some items are forbidden in hand luggage. Among them are:

  • Firearms and projectiles;
  • Sharp, pointed objects;
  • Inflammable or explosive substances;
  • Liquids, aerosols and gels.
Please see all information on prohibited items here.

Are there any customs regulations?

Customs regulations differ from country to country. Please contact a TAP counter or TAP Contact Center to learn more about Customs Restrictions. However, for more detailed information, consult the customs authorities of the country you are travelling to.

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  • Hand baggage guide

    Whenever you travel with TAP you can carry cabin luggage completely free of charge.

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