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What is the maximum and minimum number of passengers needed to make a group booking?

The group travel booking requires a minimum of 10 passengers and a maximum of 40. For more information click here.

How long does it take to receive a quotation and what kind of information will I receive?

You can expect to receive a reply by email within 2 business days. This email will include information on the fare conditions (these conditions vary depending on load factor, demand, fare type and group size), the luggage conditions and the expiration date of the quotation.

Can I take baggage with me?

The luggage allowance offered to groups is equivalent to the individual basic allowance but additional luggage can be negotiated for the group.

I want to travel on different dates to my group. Can I do this?

No. All the passengers must travel on the same dates and under the same contractual conditions. If you are planning to travel on other dates or even to a different destination to your group, you have to make an individual booking.

Until when can I make the payment?

The payment is divided into two phases. As the first phase you must mark your booking after your confirmation. The balance will be paid later. The terms of payment and the limits vary depending on the group.

Can I book ancillary services?

Yes. Just contact TAP via the email you have already used to put this in motion and confirm the booking.

When and how do I issue my ticket?

After the payment has been received in full, the ticket issuance is managed by TAP who sends them to the organiser/head of the group.

Am I entitled to a refund?

No changes or refunds are permitted after the tickets have been issued. Cancellation of the seat booking before payment may be subject to cancellation penalties; this information will be included in the contract.

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    Time to Think
    TAP gives you the opportunity to guarantee your booking for 48 hours without the price of the flight changing.
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