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Can I check in from my home?

TAP has a partnership with Skybags that offers a personalised check-in and luggage pick up at your home or address.

It is available to passengers flying from Lisbon Airport.

What is the price for Home Check-in service?

The Home Check-in service with Skybags costs €35 per passenger, within the Greater Lisbon area (Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais Line, Almada and Caparica).

Please check conditions at Skybags’ website.

How can I request Home Check-in service?

You just need to call the Skybags Contact Center (808 20 20 03) or e-mail your request to, providing your flight and personal information.

I'm a TAP Miles&Go Client. Do I benefit from using the Home Check-in service?

Yes. A TAP Miles&Go Client can earn up to 750 miles by using the Skybags service. During special campaign periods, clients can get extra miles.

Skybags does not charge for the extra piece of luggage allowed to Gold and Silver TAP Miles&Go Members.

You can find more information here.

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