TAP Miles&Go Program

TAP Miles&Go Program

When will I get my TAP Miles&Go Client Card?

The TAP Miles&Go Card is available on our digital platforms.
When first attaining Gold Status, TAP Miles&Go Gold Clients have 30 days to request a physical card free of charge.
Any request for a physical Gold card after this period will be subject to a €25 charge.

My address and preferences are wrong. How can I change them?

You can change your personal data in the "My TAP Miles&Go" section.*For security reasons, you can only change the name, date of birth and email address in your profile through our TAP Miles&Go Customer Service Centre. To do so, please email us a copy of an ID document to customer@tapmilesandgo.com.

I did not receive any email or offer on my birthday. Why?

In order to receive the gift the TAP Miles&Go Program offers its clients, you must consent to the processing of your data in the month before their birthday. To do so, go to the 'Manage Privacy' tab on the 'My Profile' page and indicate that you authorize e-mail communications and the processing of your data by the TAP Miles&Go Program.


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