Prepare and manage journey – Flights and authorisations, travelling with children

Prepare and manage journey

Find out how to plan your trip to ensure you have the best experience both in the air and on the ground.

Can I book Accommodation through the TAP website?

Yes. You can easily choose accommodation for your travel, by using the "Accommodation" option available on the homepage. There are plenty of options!

Posso lasciare la mia auto nel parcheggio dell'aeroporto?

Verifichi col nostro partner quali ubicazioni e parcheggi sono disponibili prenotando qui.

I will need a car when I arrive at my destination. Can I hire one through the TAP website?

Yes. You can quickly and easily hire a car through Cartrawler available on‘s homepage.
You can also select the "Transfers" option and choose  the best solution.

I’ve booked a vehicle and I need assistance. What number should I call?

After booking a vehicle or a transfer, you can check here (PDF, 0.2MB, EN) to find out the number to call based on the location and opening hours.

What are Tours and Activities?

Tours and Activities are unique experiences available in a partnership model, in which clients can choose between a number of options depending on the region/destination of travel, what you want to do when you arrive at your destination, with everything being quickly dealt with.

What destinations are available through Tours and Activities?

You can search by country and by region, noting the diversity of products on offer, and choose whatever option interests you.

Are Tours and Activities free?

All of the experiences are available for the most competitive price on the market, with payment made directly to the provider of the service.

I want to go on a cruise. Can I book a cruise with TAP?

Yes. TAP has a partnership with Royal Caribbean that allows you to book combined air and cruise travel. Royal Caribbean offers great opportunities to all destinations around the world. You can find more information on here.

What facilities do I have for train connections to airports?

Yes. TAP has a "Rail & Fly" product, which gives you access to train networks in Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland. You can travel between all Deutsche Bahn railway stations and airports TAP has a direct link with:
  • Frankfurt;
  • Hamburg;
  • Munich;
  • Düsseldorf;
  • Berlin;
  • Amsterdam;
  • Zurich.
You can find more information here.


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