TAP Corporate Program

TAP Corporate Program

I don't remember my password. Can I recover my login credentials?

Yes, you can. To recover your login credentials, you must select the option 'Recover Password' (which is next to your login form) and fill in the required fields:
  • Registered User Name;
  • Registered User Email.

How can I change my personal details?

To change your personal data you must, after logging in to the tapcorporate.com dashboard, select the My Corporate menu and then the option My Profile. You can change your:
  • Nickname;
  • Position in the company;
  • Telephone contacts;
  • E-Mail;
  • Password;
  • Preference to receive communication from tap|corporate and TAP Air Portugal or not.

Can I add users to the company account?

Yes, it is possible. To add new users to your company account you must select the "My Corporate" menu followed by the "Group Profile" option. Here you must click on the corresponding "Company" option and select the "Users" option. After completing these steps, you will be asked to fill in the personal data of the user(s) you want to add. Be alerted to the type of access that you can provide to the user that you want to add: "Company Administrator" (only has access to the company data in which he or she is registered) or "Group Administrator" (has access to all companies in the group and not only to the company where he is registered).

My account is blocked. How can I proceed?

If you see the warning 'Your Account has been Blocked', you should get in touch through email or phone available on contact page TAP Corporate.


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