Converting miles

Exchange your bonus miles for status miles!
Do you need more status miles to keep or upgrade your status? Convert your bonus miles into status miles!

More miles mean more advantages

1. Access your account.
Log in to your account.
Use the miles conversion tool.
3. Upgrade or maintain your status.
More advantages and more travel dreams for you.

Terms and conditions

  1. Bonus miles can only be converted into status miles in blocks of 2,000. Each block of 2,000 bonus miles is worth 50% in status miles (i.e. 1,000).
  2. The number of miles that can be converted is limited to the membership year and the Victoria Client’s status. Know the miles required for miles conversion.
  3. The transaction is not reversible. Read the conditions carefully before deciding to do it.
  4. Conversion of bonus miles into status miles does not apply retroactively to the previous membership year.
  5. The conversion of miles has an associated charge, which must be paid by the client by credit card.
  6. Find out more about the miles store conditions.