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London: Ancient, vibrant, and cosmopolitan

With nearly nine million inhabitants and more than 300 languages, London is the textbook definition of cosmopolitanism. Less than a three-hour trip from Lisbon, flying to London means plunging into a destination that never disappoints visitors.


Aerial view

On the southern shore of the Thames, don't forget to visit or revisit one of the world's leading modern art galleries - Tate Modern - as well as one of the most beautiful Elizabethan-inspired theaters - Shakespeare's Globe.

Further north, don't forget to visit the Cathedral of St. Paul (which boasts the second largest dome in the world), the British Museum (which boasts one of the world's largest permanent collections) and the Madame Tussauds Museum (where you can "hang out" with dozens of celebrities).

Heading west, your to-see list should include Kensington Palace, the famous Hyde Park, and the Museum of Natural History (with its famous dinosaur skeletons).

Alternative routes

London is a vibrant city where many different cultures meet. Like any Londoner, don't forget to take some time in the evening to enjoy one or several beers in one of the city's numerous pubs. This is a deeply rooted socialization habit, which you will also find while wandering through the city's various markets. Don't forget to visit Camden Lock, Borough Market, Portobello Road Market, and the fantastic Columbia Road Flower Market.

Camden Lock Market
Boat tour on the Thames River
Camden Lock Market
Boat tour on the Thames River

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kew Gardens is a botanical garden whose unique beauty and many attractions will surprise you; our favorite attraction there is the Japanese Landscape, a small Japanese paradise in Europe.

Indian culture also has a beautiful, prominent place in this city; one such example is BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, one of the largest Hindu temples outside India. 

In addition to the usual boat tour on the Thames, you can also explore the quiet and charming Little Venice canals, which are dotted by independent theaters such as the Canal Café Theatre or the Puppet Theatre Barge.

Like everywhere else around the city, this small area offers many different kinds of food, from Indian to Chinese, as well as fish and chips and the comfort food of traditional British pubs. 

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