Natal, the City of the Sun

Founded by the Portuguese on Christmas Day in 1599, the city is known for its endless days of sun, idyllic beaches, forró and good cuisine.


Love beach, Pipa
Buggy Ride
Love beach, Pipa
Buggy Ride

Explore the surroundings and the northeastern gastronomy

The city of Natal is also an excellent departure point to get to know other nearby must-see destinations, such as the stunning Praia de Pipa and Praia das Minas.

Be sure to take a buggy ride along the coast, passing through the fantastic Dunes of Genipabu, and pay a visit to the Parrachos de Maracajaú, natural pools formed at low tide, perfect for snorkeling lovers. 

Enjoy the local cuisine and savor the crab, the appetizing crab stew (caranguejada), the "paçoca de carne de sol" - a kind of farofa made with manioc flour and shredded pieces of dried meat - or the famous bobó de Camarão (shrimp). You will need a lot of energy for the long and lively nights of forró in the Northeast.  

Caranguejada - Crab stew

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