Terra dos Sonhos

Fábrica das Sonhos realises Dreams (individual) and Dream Experiences (collective) for children and young people with chronic illnesses or who are institutionalised, as well as for the elderly.  The aim is to improve their state of mind and increase the beneficiaries’ levels of hope and that of their families, by creating magical moments that reinforce the importance of positive emotions in processes of great physical and emotional fragility. It has made 664 dreams come true since it began activities.

Terra dos Sonhos was able to make 20 wishes come true in 2017 and 2018, through the TAP Solidarity Miles Programme.
  • 2 trips to Paris to EuroDisney;
  • 3 trips to Madrid to the Santiago de Bernabéu Stadium;
  • 12 dream experience trips;
  • 1 trip to Hamburg to visit family; 
  • 1 trip to Zurich to Heidi's house;
  • 1 trip to Lisbon to watch a Benfica game and to meet the players.
This programme also allowed four employees of the association to travel to meetings with partners.