Check-in – Online, at the desk, automatic and other options


Discover all the check-in options you can choose from.
Yes. Use the button “Check-in”, present in the green bar at the top of pages throughout the flytap, or make your online check-in here.

Learn all about online check-in.
Yes. Online Check-in allows you to check in several passengers.
Yes. Like Mobile Check-in, the Online Check-in service is available to passengers travelling with checked luggage.

On the day of the flight, you just have to drop-off your luggage in the drop-off counter at the airport.
You may send your boarding pass to your mobile phone via SMS.

Also, you can print your boarding pass at the airport kiosks or directly at the check-in counter.
Yes. You can book your seat during Online Check-in.

If you want a pre-assigned seat more than 36 hours before the flight, please contact the TAP Contact Center.
Yes. You can change seats online, but only if the check-in process is still open.

If you want to change your seat more than 72 hours before the flight, please contact the TAP Contact Center.
If you already have your boarding pass, you may go directly to the boarding gate. If not, you’ll have to request it at the check-in counter.

If you’re travelling with checked luggage, you also must first leave it at the drop-off counter.
Please go to the boarding gate, where the situation will be resolved.


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