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Subscribe to O Globo Digital Premium between 23 May and 12 June and earn 7,000 miles.  O Globo Premium gives you access to exclusive content, in-depth articles and analysis by renowned columnists.

Subscription O Globo Premium Between 23/05 and 12/06
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O Globo Premium makes available all the coverage of facts marking the story and that will still be news:

  • O Globo website:
Up-to-date news, exclusive reports, opinion columns, blog, videos and much more.
  • Digital Newspaper and Archive:
Access to the digital version of the O Globo newspaper, and to the digitized archive of Globo, since 1925.
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Contains the main Brazilian publications: Época, Autoesporte, GQ,Vogue, Glamour, Casa e Jardim among many others.
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Hundreds of partners with exclusive advantages, discounts up to 50% in gastronomy, entertainment and well-being.

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Terms and conditions:

  1. Valid from 23/05/2019 to 12/06/2019 for individuals and new subscribers, costing R$ 29.90 per month, via credit card or current account debit.
  2. Digital newspaper (through the O GLOBO app) available for smartphones and tablets compatible with iOS (version 9.3 or higher), Android (version 5 or higher) and for computers.
  3. The 7,000 miles will be credited by TAP within 20 calendar days of confirmation of the first payment.
  4. The miles are non-transferable.
  5. Promotion cannot be accumulated, and only one purchase per personal tax number, which must be the same as that registered with TAP.
  6. There is a minimum subscription period of 12 (twelve) months. If it is not complied with a fine of up to R$ 350.00 is payable, charged in proportion to the time left to terminate the contract. Cancellation after:
    0 to 1 month – R$ 350.00;
    1 to 2 months – R$ 322.00;
    2 to 3 months – R$ 290.50;
    3 to 4 months – R$ 262.50;
    4 to 5 months – R$ 234.50;
    5 to 6 months – R$ 203.00;
    6 to 7 months – R$ 175.00;
    7 to 8 months – R$ 147.00;
    8 to 9 months – R$ 115.50;
    9 to 10 months – R$ 87.50;
    10 to 11 months – R$ 59.50;
    11 to 12 months – R$ 28.00.