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3. 如果您没有托运行李,可以更简捷地开始您的旅程,直接前往登机口。


您可通过网络使用本项服务。 发现在线办理的好处!


  • 快捷 - 可以节省时间。无论您是不是常旅客,在线办理登机都能帮您 避免排队;
  • 选择 - 可自主选择座位,为您在选座上提供方便;
  • 简单- 只要联网,随时随地可以办理;
  • 环保- 无需打印登机牌。只要在手机或平板上出示即可。
  • 更直接 - 若没有托运行李,您可以直接前往登机口。若有托运行李, 只需将它递交给机场的行李交运柜台。查询时刻表

已经使用过TAP的App? 将登机办理放入您的口袋。


  • 起飞前36小时可办理登机手续;
  • 来自和前往美国的航班,根据美国政府有关规定,只在起飞前24小 时才可办理登机;
  • 当您被指定必须前往一个TAP柜台或在办理登机时出示用以订票的信 用卡接受验证时,这项登机服务不能使用;
  • 已落实订购由TAP或TAP Express承运的航班(编号为1至3999)机票的旅 客须知 ;
  • 为求保证航班准时出发,所有乘客必须在起飞前30分钟去到登机口;

TAP Fly Social

Are you ready to make your flight more interesting?

TAP's Fly Social lets you know who will share the flight with you and lets you choose your seat next to whoever you want. How?

It couldn’t be easier.
  1. Simply activate TAP’s Fly Social app when you check-in online, automatically associating your Facebook account with your booking.
  2. When selecting your seat on the aircraft, you will be able to see the Facebook profiles of the other passengers who have also checked-in socially.
  3. Then just choose to sit beside the person who seems most interesting and, who knows, you might make a new friend on board!
  4. After check-in you can share your seat on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles.
  5. All the conditions are there for an unforgettable flight with TAP.
To deactivate Fly Social, just remove the TAP Social Check-in app from your Facebook Apps dashboard.

Connect with TAP Fly Social and fly in good company!