TAP Account Sign Up Terms and Conditions

These are the TAP Account Sign Up Terms and Conditions, which are established by Transportes Aéreos Portugueses, S. A. (hereinafter known as “TAP Air Portugal” or “TAP”), for subscription to and use of the TAP Account made available to our Customers and Users, on websites, apps and/or the digital presence of TAP Air Portugal.

By signing up to a TAP Account you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions, as well as our Terms, Policies and Conditions of General Use, our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, and the specific terms and conditions of each subscribed service or feature. If you do not agree to these Terms, we request that you do not sign up or you unsubscribe from the TAP Account.

This version of the TAP Account Sign Up Terms and Conditions is the most up to date. TAP Air Portugal may alter or withdraw parts of these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.

Any new rules and/or changes to the TAP Account Sign Up Terms and Conditions will be binding on all Customers as soon as they are published. It is the responsibility of the Customer and User to remain informed and to regularly consult the TAP Account Sign Up Terms and Conditions and any other existing terms, policies and conditions. By continuing to use the TAP Account, you are agreeing to any changes made to it.

Any use of the TAP Account or the features and services available therein that infringe the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or the General Terms and Conditions for Use of the Service may, among other consequences, result in the termination or suspension of your rights of use, as well as the withdrawal of access to reserved areas. TAP Air Portugal also reserves the right to delete your registration and TAP Account.

All rights regarding TAP Air Portugal websites and apps and its digital presence are reserved.

© All rights reserved

The TAP Account, managed by the airline TAP Air Portugal, is an online service for TAP Air Portugal Customers and Users. It consists of the provision of a series of services, features, offers and promotions to Customers and Users who, through their Customer Area, can use and access them within a personalised context.

Any changes to TAP Air Portugal brands will not affect contracts previously made with natural persons or corporate bodies.

There is no charge to open a TAP Account.

TAP Account sign up offers Customers and Users the ability to access, via a login, a Customer Area where they can find personalised information and features. In this way they have access to a range of content and utilities that simplify access to and interaction with our services and products and management of TAP bookings.

TAP Accounts can be opened at www.flytap.com or through our iOS and Android apps.

There are more services, features, advantages and benefits open to TAP Account holders. After login we offer a wide range of options and offers that are personalised to your preferences, which you can access easily online from anywhere through your mobile device.

These are just some of the wide range of benefits and advantages available by signing up for a TAP Account:

Profile Management

You can edit your profile data, indicate your preferences, manage what communications you want to receive by e-mail, text message or Push notification, manage your bookings and, with your consent, allow personalisation of the offers we make available to you, as well as benefit from a faster and more agile selection and booking process.

Privacy Management

In this section of your profile you can manage what communications you wish to receive from TAP Air Portugal. This allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time to any of the newsletters sent to your e-mail as well as any Push notifications or text messages. By subscribing to TAP Air Portugal communications you accept our Newsletters Subscription Terms and Conditions
Preferences Management

So that TAP Air Portugal can offer you content, campaigns or promotions that you will be interested in, you can select the topics you prefer in your Customer Area, which will ensure the offers we present to you as you browse our website are more personalised.

Bookings Management

After logging into your TAP Account, and using your booking code, you will have access to a summary of all the bookings that have been made with your profile, which you can then manage quickly and easily. You can also access a general list of all flights booked online, via a mobile device or at your travel agency, and you can associate new bookings, or those made prior to opening a TAP Account, to your bookings list at any time. The Customer is wholly responsible for associating bookings, which assumes the prior authorisation of the person who made the booking if it is not the account holder.

Change Bookings

Something unexpected came up? Your plans have changed? If the rules of your fare allow it and a condition is that immediate payment is made, you may use this feature to change your booking. This feature is available 24 hours a day at www.flytap.com, in the Customer Area of your TAP Account or through our apps on any mobile device.

Quicker and simplified booking process

We have made the booking process faster and simpler by automatically filling in your details and by offering personalised promotions based on your preferences and profile.

By carrying out transactions on TAP Air Portugal websites, the User agrees to use the booking area only for bookings or legitimate purchases for themselves or third parties, providing they have authorisation or the legal right to do so.

The use of a credit or debit card implies that the User is the holder and is of the legal age to use it. The use of a credit or debit card by someone who is not the cardholder implies that the User has obtained the cardholder’s permission. The credit or debit card holder is always responsible for ensuring payment of charges made using their card.

The User must not interfere in any way with the operation or functioning of the booking area, or of any other area available via TAP Air Portugal websites.

The User furthermore agrees to comply with the terms and conditions, and is responsible for all expenses, commissions, taxes and other costs that may arise from using TAP Air Portugal websites and/or its systems and booking and purchasing areas.

Booking additional services

You may add additional and complementary bookings of services to your flight booking at any time, such as hotel accommodation, car hire, among others. (See here for all available services). You may also directly add hotel accommodation or car hire.

Cancellations, Refunds and Invoices

Have your travel plans changed? With the online refund feature you can cancel your booking up to 24 hours prior to departure and request a refund of your ticket price. The option will be available if your fare allows flexible and available booking changes. Depending on the conditions of the fare, you can then make a refund request.

Seat selection and reservation

TAP Air Portugal makes it possible for you to reserve your seat in advance, either before travelling or during check-in. You can choose your seat directly while booking your flight or at any time afterwards by accessing your TAP Account or when checking-in online.

Book Special Meals

A varied selection of special meals is available on TAP Air Portugal operated flights for passengers with special dietary requirements or preferences.

Signing up to and using a TAP Account means that the Customer’s personal data will be made available. This includes identification and contact details, data on bookings and purchases made through the TAP Store.

Personal data will be processed by TAP, as the responsible entity, for the purpose of managing TAP Accounts. All data classed as mandatory during the registration process are required for management of the TAP Account.

With your permission, TAP may also use the data it has access to in order to define the Customer profile to send you advertisements, campaigns and promotions that are adjusted to your interests and preferences, as well as personalised notifications and alerts that resulting from the analysis of your profile and purchase history.

TAP may also, with the Customer’s permission, send marketing communications about TAP products and services.

Personal data will be retained by TAP for as long as the Customer holds an active TAP Account.

When you become a TAP Account holder, TAP will provide your personal data to subcontractors (including those who manage the TAP Store platform) for the purposes mentioned, in accordance with agreements entered into with them, as well as to other competent entities according to the law. The entities subcontracted by TAP may be located in countries that do not guarantee, in the terms of the law, an adequate level of protection. In such cases, TAP ensures it adopts the legal and contractual measures required to guarantee the protection and confidentiality of personal data. The Customer may obtain additional information about the measures adopted in points 11 and 12 of our Privacy Policy.

Under the terms of the law the Customer can request access to any personal information at any time, and it may correct, delete or limit its treatment, the portability of the data1, or refuse permission for it to be processed, directly through the Customer Area.

The Customer may use the above mentioned means to withdraw consent for the processing of its data. However, this does not invalidate any processing by TAP up to that date and based on the consent previously provided.

Without prejudice to any other administrative or judicial remedy, the Customer has the right to submit a complaint to the competent supervisory authority in accordance with the law should it consider that its data is not being processed in a legitimate manner, in accordance with the terms outlined above.

For more information about how TAP processes data, the Customer should consult our Privacy Policy. You can also contact the Data Protection Officer, completing the ‘Exercise of Rights under the General Data Protection Regulations’ (PDF 1,2MB) and email it to [email protected]. Please follow the instructions here (PDF 1,2MB) if you have questions about completing this form.

The right to portability is limited to the right of the data subject to receive personal data relating to them and which he has provided to a responsible body for processing (in this case TAP), in a structured format that is up to date and automatically read, and to the right to transmit such data to another responsible body without the person to whom the personal data has been supplied being able to prevent it. Where technically possible, the owner of the data has the right to have it transmitted directly between the responsible bodies for processing.

You can join the Miles&Go Programme through your TAP Account. Should you choose to do so, the TAP Account credentials are the only ones required to access all TAP Miles&Go Programme features. Read the TAP Miles&Go Programme Terms and Conditions.

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