Caracas' Venezuelan Frenzy

Caracas has a reputation that tends to push away those who plan on getting to know a Latin American destination. The violent environment associated to the city overshadows the wonders that one can witness. However, if you consider yourself an adventurer traveler, leave to discover Caracas' typical frenetic rhythm.
Where, How and What To Do?

Moved by the latin spirit of its over 2 million people, Caracas offers inumerous fun activities that go from a ride in the cable car to visiting the museums, without forgetting the beautiful landscapes.

Considering security issues, it is important that, when in Caracas, you always have some information about the attraction you’re going to visit and how to get there. There won’t be any problems if you’re well prepared to embark on this adventure!

Among the main touristic points of this metropolis you can find Sabana Grande’s neighbourhoods, Los Palos Grandes, Las Mercedes Avenue and Altamira district.


Welcome To Sabana Grande!

Known as the boulevard of Caracas, this busy avenue is home to important buildings such as Cine Radio City, Tower Phelps, Tower Lincoln, among others which represent cultural, patrimonial and historical values. It is also here in the evening, that tourists walk around street vendors and outdoor cafes.

 Place For Everyone

Opened in 2010, Palos Grandes is a residencial, touristic and financial area composed by apartments, cafes and restaurants, as well as, offices. There are several embassies in this neighbourhood.

With a contemporary and harmonious design, whoever walks in this square you can pay a visit to the library. If you’re just looking for a place to walk, you can also visit this square where you’ll find park benches, an amphiteatre and an interactive fountain that will cool you in the hottest days!
The Bohemian Side

For a day fully dedicated to shopping and fun you can choose between Las Mercedes and Altamira! Both places are perfect to relax and lighten the weight of your wallet. During the day, in Las Mercedes, you'll find the biggest complex of shoppings with fashion stores and art galleries. At night, from a variety of discos and night clubs, you can choose the one that most pleases you to have fun and get carried by the venezuelan rhythm.

In Altamira you’ll find one of the most prestigious neighbourhood of Caracas, with the highest prices of the city, as well as the historical Plaza Francia where you can photograph the water mirror and the fountain that decorate it. 


From The City To The Nature

If you’re planning on dedicating some of your time to get to know the natural side of Caracas, you should bet on a cable car ride all the way to Pico El Ávila. Here you’ll be able to observe the impressive beauty of natural landscapes.

If you’re feelling your spirit of adventure bubbling, let yourself go in an expediction through the misterious Tepui Mountain, where you’ll witness the breathtaking vision of Ángel Falls — a majestic waterfall of 979 meters high, considered World Heritage by UNESCO.

Far away from the cosmopolitan area, you can walk in El Ávila National Park and meet local people, their products and culture.
Caracas is the perfect destination for city tourists that prefer the urban rhythm and also for adventurous ones who choose the wild side. It is the best destiny to taste Arepas — a traditional dish similar to bread, frequently used in sandwiches. 

Travel by the contrasts of Caracas city and meet all its urban, natural and cultural treasures!

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