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Includes Covid-19 protection
Travel worry-free

Travel Insurance

We ensure your protection. Learn how to activate your insurance and find out about its benefits.
TAP and Chubb have formed a partnership to provide the Chubb Travel Insurance for passengers.

When and how can I get the Travel Insurance

You can add Travel Insurance when booking your TAP flight online. One of the steps prior to payment is related to the insurance, where you can include this option (subject to trip type, commencement date and duration).

If flying accompanied by a child aged up to 2 years, they are included free of charge on the Travel Insurance policy.
Chubb Travel Insurance is available for residents on each country website and for passengers 64 years of age or under.

Your Travel Insurance now includes COVID-19 coverage!

We have upgraded our Travel Insurance products to cover you for cancellation or medical expenses while abroad, following infection from COVID-19 or other Communicable disease. See all the details below.

Chubb Travel Insurance helps in situations whereby you might need to cancel your flight, or require emergency medical assistance when travelling. It covers against lost, stolen or damaged baggage as well as providing benefits for travel inconvenience you may experience.

View the conditions of the Travel Insurance here.

Top 3 reasons why you need Trip Protection:

1. Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Protection reimburses for cancellations due to reasons like illness, injury, and more.
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2. Coverage for Emergency Medical incidents.
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3. 24/7 Emergency Assistance Hotline to help in the event of a travel or medical emergency
Coverages include:
  • Cancellation costs up to policy limit + Flight Cost if you are diagnosed with Coronavirus Disease 19 (or other Communicable Disease) as proven by a positive PCR (or relevant) test and your inability to travel is confirmed by a Doctor;
  • Curtailment costs if you are diagnosed with with Coronavirus Disease 19 (or other Communicable Disease) as proven by a positive PCR (or relevant) test and your inability to travel is confirmed by a Doctor;
  • Medical Expenses & Repatriation if you are diagnosed with with Coronavirus Disease 19 (or other Communicable Disease) as proven by a positive PCR (or relevant) test and your inability to travel is confirmed by a Doctor.The inclusion of Contagious Diseases ensures that illnesses similar to Covid-19, or future variants, are covered by our insurance coverage.
Important information
Access here (PDF, 0.4 MB, EN) to view the coverage limits and Travel insurance conditions.
 Please note: cover is not provided where your local government agency has  issued new travel warnings against travel to your destination at the time you booked your journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

After booking a CHUBB insurance, you can check here (PDF, 0.2MB, EN, PT, FR) to find out the number to call based on the location and opening hours.
Intermediary information in accordance with the Insurance Supervision Act (VAG)
The following information provides information on TAP as an insurance intermediary pursuant to Art. 45 ISA.

Information about the tied insurance intermediary
TRANSPORTES AÉREOS PORTUGUESES, S.A. ("TAP") is a provider of air travel and is registered as TRANSPORTES AÉREOS PORTUGUESES, S.A. with its registered office in Lisbon, Edifício 25 do Aeroporto de Lisboa, 1700-008 with the identification number 500 278 725. The branch office in Switzerland is registered under: Transportes Aéreos Portugueses, SA, Lisbon, Zurich Branch, PO Box 2508, CH-8060 ZURICH Airport. Registered on 08.11.1982 as a foreign branch in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich under CHE-105.841.496. 
TAP acts as a tied insurance intermediary with respect to the insurance "Chubb Travel Insurance".

Insurance offer and contractual relationships
TAP offers the insurance "Chubb Travel Insurance" within the scope of flight bookings of future passengers and their relatives exclusively from Chubb Insurance (Switzerland) Ltd. (Chubb) and has concluded a cooperation agreement with Chubb for this purpose. TAP is a tied agent within the meaning of the federal supervision of brokers.

Payment of compensation for mediation activities
Due to the referral of customers to Chubb, TAP receives compensation from Chubb, which is retained by TAP as compensation for its expenses. This compensation is included in the insurance premium.

For negligence, errors or incorrect information by TAP in connection with the brokerage of the insurance "Chubb Travel Insurance" Chubb is liable to the customer.

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