Be inspired by our destinations for 2019

TAP will fly from Lisbon to Tel Aviv, Dublin and Basel as of April 2019.

The flights between Lisbon and Tel Aviv, in Israel, carried out in A321 Long Range equipment, with a capacity for 168 passengers, will be daily, departing from the Portuguese capital at 02:20pm and arriving in Israel at 09:30pm. From Tel Aviv, depart at 5:05am, arriving in Lisbon at 9:00am. 
For Dublin, TAP will offer two flights a day, departing from Lisbon at 7:05am and 02:00pm, and arriving at the capital of the Republic of Ireland at 9:50am and 04:45pm, from where they depart at 10:35am and 05:30pm, arriving at Humberto Delgado airport, in Lisbon, at 01:15pm and 08:10 pm. The route will be operated with A319 and A320 aircraft with capacity for 144 or 168 passengers. 
Between Lisbon and Basel will also be operated two daily flights in A319 and A320 equipment. Departures from Lisbon at 6:40am and 03:50pm, arriving in Basel at 10:20am and 07:30pm. On the return, departures from Basel at 11:05am and 08:15pm, which land in Lisbon at 01:00pm and 10:10pm. Basel airport is placed next to a tripartite border, serving simultaneously, beyond the swiss city of Basel, the cities of Mulhouse (France) and Freiburg (Germany).
With the launch of these three new routes, TAP will fly to a total of 91 airports, in 88 cities of 36 countries.

New in 2018

From June 2018 we offer flights to/from Florence.
And also flights from Porto to Barcelona, London city and Ponta Delgada and will boost services to Brazil and Canada.