For every trip, a differente fare

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For every trip, a differente fare.
Restrictions and travel requirements per country

View entry restrictions and COVID-19 travel requirements for countries around the world.

Helpful tips and information for travelers

Dreaming of vacations?
Get inspired and create your return-to-travel plan with our tips.
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TAP certified on COVID-19 security measures
Your health and safety will always be our priority.
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Travel with peace of mind and no delay with Club Extra
Whenever you travel, enter first with Premium Boarding.
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Highlights of the TAP Universe

Illustration composed of three elements where it's highlighted, in the foreground, a hand holding a smartphone with the TAP App logo on the screen. In the background there is a calendar with a few days cross-marked, another smartphone with a QR code on the screen and a notification symbol in the upper right corner.
All your trips on your phone
Search flights and book tickets, manage your booking and benefit from a more personalized trip experience with our app.
Illustration consisting of three elements evoking the theme of the competition, awards and distinctions, showing a trophy with a star on it, flanked by two medals.
The recognition for an outstanding service
Our quality is recognized by several aviation, travel and tourism industry organizations. Keep up-to-date with the latest accolades awarded to TAP!
Illustration showing 3 elements. At the center, highlighted, a white airplane seat with a dark green outline and a red detail on its headrest, corresponding to EconomyXtra seats. It is flanked, on the right, by the window of an airplane overlooking a cloudy sky. On the left, a green and red trip bag.
The best Economy Class experience
With EconomyXtra, travel in Economy Class with the benefits and comfort of Executive Class.
Illustration with 3 elements. At the center features the Belém Tower in white, with dark green outlines. To the left, a bottle of wine and a glass, and to the right, a camera, all colored in shades of green and red.
Discover Portugal during your flight
With TAP's Portugal Stopover, you can stay up to 5 nights in Portugal, to get to know Lisbon or Porto.
Illustration with several elements: in the center, a white airplane seat, with a dark green outline. In the upper right corner of the seat, a red seal with a white star inside. On the left, a red device for listening to music, with a green musical note on the screen, and a pair of green headphones. On the right; a green bottle of wine with a red label and a green glass with red liquid.
A superior flight in Executive Class
Travel with more space and comfort, benefit from more amenities and experience new flavors in our Executive Class!

TAP Miles&Go Programme highlights

Exclusive Offers
You don't have to be a genius to earn miles!
Join TAP Miles&Go and the first 200 miles are on us.
Advantages with our partners
Use your miles, or accumulate even more balance, with our diverse network of partners.
The club that gives you the most miles and benefits
With TAP Miles&Go Club, your miles balance grows every month and your trips come with new benefits.
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