Begin your trip without hassles or delays.

At the time of flying do take a look at your boarding pass.

On it you will find all the information you need, so that from the moment you arrive at the airport to when you board the aircraft your experience will be as comfortable as possible. 

On your boarding pass you will find the following information:
  • The departure time of your flight;
  • The name of the terminal where you need to go;
  • The number of your boarding gate – please bear in mind this can sometimes change, so keep an eye on the airport information screens to ensure you are in the right place;
  • Your boarding area (Premium, A, B or C);
  • Your allocated seat number;
  • The class you are flying in.

Boarding areas

We have simplified the boarding areas at the airports we operate from so you can board faster and more conveniently and in greater comfort.

On the aircraft, all the smaller personal accessories you carry with you, such as a ladies’ handbag or a personal computer, must be placed under the seat in front. This will ensure you will have all you need with you and will free up space for larger items in the overhead bins.

Passengers with Top Executive and Executive, and TAP Miles&Go Gold and Silver Clients will continue to have access to their own priority boarding area: Premium Boarding.

Don't be late. To guarantee the punctuality of your flight, we close the boarding gates 30 minutes before the departure time. Please make sure you are at the boarding gate before this time.


Premium Boarding is a special boarding service that allows you time to stow your luggage on the aircraft. 
Settle in on board swiftly and conveniently, on TAP flights departing from Lisbon, and make use of:
  • An exclusive area at the departure gate (depending on airport);
  • Boarding at a chosen time;
  • Exclusive buses (available only on long-haul flights when boarding is not possible by airbridge).
Note: The Premium Boarding service is not available on the Ponte Aérea.
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Get ready to fly!

Have your boarding pass and identification document ready for inspection at all times. The boarding sequence is as follows:
  1. Families with small children (under the age of 2) and passengers with special needs;
  2. Premium Boarding clients may board at their leisure;
  3. Followed by passengers in zone A;
  4. Passengers in boarding areas B and C, respectively.