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Automatic notifications via email and SMS

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TAP has just launched a new notifications service that aims to improve contact with each one of its customers.

In order to use this service, passengers must provide their mobile phone number and/ or email when booking so that they can receive information regarding the status of their flight and access all the information necessary for a travel experience without surprises.

This service will send notifications in Portuguese and English in relation to certain situations regarding flight status:
  • Changes to time of flight: changes at the time of departure;
  • Changes to date of flight, flight number or route;
  • Changes to boarding gate: the passenger will receive a text message advising them in the event of a change to the original boarding gate;
  • Notification that check-in is open: an alert will be sent via online and mobile channels to tell the passenger to proceed to check-in and, closer to departure time, the passenger will be reminded to check-in if they have not already done so.
  • Notification that baggage has not been loaded: on arrival at some TAP destinations, you will receive notification if your baggage was not loaded. Find out more here.
Notifications will be sent to one of the contacts on the booking, regardless of the number of passengers. 

If you would like to be kept informed of all the details of your next flight, please ensure your contact information is correctly included during your booking and, in case of doubt, contact TAP or your travel agent. 

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