Croatia, an invitation you cannot decline

It is a collection of postcards depicting idyllic settings, like a living history book.

Croatia is in its own merit one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it has everything to make this trip one of the most cherished memories of your life.

Beach? Check!

Nobody who chooses Croatia for a holiday will be surprised by the incredible beaches bathing its entire coastline. After all, this was probably the main reason why they chose this destination. And rightly so!

Croatia is known for its idyllic beaches and the wide choice it offers. If you are looking for harmony between the beach and the city, choose Dubrovnik or Banje.

If water sports are your thing - or if you simply like to visit the most beautiful locations in the world - Brač Island is one of the places you should put on your list.

Croatia offers a large number of naturist beaches, as this has been a common practice in the country since the early 20th century. Islands such as Lastovo, Vis, Solta and Hvar, in Central Dalmatia, are secluded locations, far from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism - and, needless to say, they are astonishingly beautiful.

This is an excellent suggestion for those who want harmony with nature and to slip into full relaxation mode for a few days.

Brač Island
Brač Island

Heritage? Check!

Where to begin? Croatia is an open-air museum that recounts the stories of the various civilizations that settled in the territory throughout the centuries. Starting with Dubrovnik, known as the 'Pearl of the Adriatic': the preservation of the city's architectural heritage - with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque examples - has faced multiple challenges throughout history - such as the 1667 earthquake and the armed conflicts of the 1990s - but it has rightfully earned UNESCO World Heritage status.

It is also worth visiting the religious monuments of Porec, which date back to the 4th century CE and are considered some of the oldest buildings of its kind in the entire world, as well as the city of Trogir and the Historical Complex of Split, which includes (among many others) the ruins of the palace built for the Roman emperor Diocletian, and which is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

And because nature is also heritage, and tourists are increasingly interested in heritage, don't forget to visit the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park. Lakes, streams, waterfalls, trees stretching as far as the eye can see, hues and sparkles will be recorded forever as part of your personal history.

Plitvice Lakes National Park
Plitvice Lakes National Park

Cuisine? Check!

Fortunately, food is becoming an increasingly important aspect of every holiday trip. It is part of getting to know a country, a culture, a people. So forget those hotel buffets and fast food chains and get on board the adventure of eating what locals eat, with the food they produce locally.
Believe us, this will make you fall in love even more with the destination you have chosen - and, as far as cuisine is concerned, Croatia is a winning destination.

You just have to look at the map to infer that Croatian cuisine includes influences, features and even ingredients from some of the most delicious traditions in the world. But that doesn't make it any less distinctive, and there are plenty of specialties to choose from.

With many dishes created to feed a lot of people - groups of friends, families, communities - the menu is diverse and offers delicious portraits of the country and its various regions.

Čobanac Stew

Čobanac, for instance, is a dish that used to be prepared by and for shepherds from the Slavonia region; it's a meat stew that takes many hours to cook, which of course enhances all its flavors.

Another example is Šporki Makaruli, a traditional pasta dish from Dubrovnik that tells the story of the people from this city. Zagorje's Štruklis are so popular in Croatia and closely associated with the country's traditions that they have been listed - along with the recipe, which involves pasta, cheese and an oven! - - as Croatia's Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Be sure to explore the rich Croatian cuisine. You will find a wide variety of cheeses and wines, seafood, delicious meat, and an incredible plethora of desserts. This entire trip will delight all your senses.