Until 31 December 2021: Keep your Silver status, or achieve it, for half the price!

TAP Miles&Go Silver

Silver status takes your benefits even further.

Benefits of TAP Miles&Go Silver

View all the benefits that the Silver card provides, in the air and on the ground.
  • All the benefits of the TAP Miles&Go Status

    All the benefits you had with the TAP Miles&Go Status remain unchanged.
  • 25% extra miles

    Earn 25% more miles more than the distance travelled. Only on TAP flights.
  • Priority check-in

    Don’t waste time, enjoy priority check-in! Valid for all flights operated by TAP except for the tap | discount product.
  • Reserve seat

    Book your seat on flights operated by TAP! Available for Standard seats only.
  • Newspapers and magazines

    Read more! Silver Clients can download up to 3 publications from the Digital Kiosk.
  • Exclusive Service

    Access exclusive telephone numbers and TAP desks.
  • Lounge access

    Relax while you wait for your flight. Check the lounges available
  • Fast Track and Priority boarding

    Faster boarding when travelling on flights operated by TAP. Fast Track is the fastest route at the security control.
Important information
Until 31 December 2021 you can get Silver status for half price1. Earn 15,000 Status Miles or fly 12 segments with TAP to receive every Silver benefit.

If you are already a Silver Client, you will keep your status until 31 December 20212.
1Only for clients who are Club TAP Miles&Go members or who sign up. Those who obtained Status through Gold Partner or any other campaigns, are excluded.
2Valid only for clients who obtained Silver Status with Status Miles or by segments flown. Excludes those who obtained the status by other means, such as through Club TAP Miles&Go, Credit Card, Clientes Gold Partner, Status Match, promotions, etc.

How to become a Silver Client

You just have to fly! Earn status miles and get all the benefits.

Your status is always evaluated one year after the date of joining the TAP Miles&Go Programme.
Become a Silver Client
You need to have earned 30000 Status Miles
Have flown 25 flights or legs with TAP
To remain a Silver Client
You need to have earned 20000 Status TAP Miles&Go
Have flown 15 flights or legs with TAP
Convertible Bonus Miles to reach the status Convertible Bonus Miles to maintain the status
10.000 Bonus Miles >  5.000 Status Miles 10.000 Bonus Miles >  5.000 Status Miles


TAP Miles&Go Gold

Discover the status with the most benefits of the TAP Miles&Go Programme.