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    Changes and cancellations - See how

    Changes and cancellations

    The unforeseen happens. Find out how to change or cancel your TAP booking.

    Cancellation of booking without penalty

    You can cancel a booking without paying any penalty, provided it is done within 24 hours of making the booking.

    Changes and cancellations

    The changes and cancellations (except for the above-mentioned time intervals), vary according to the conditions of the fare you have chosen.

    The rules concerning changes and cancellations apply per route, and may be different depending on the route you want to change.

    Some fares may involve penalties for making changes or cancellations, they may be non-refundable or they may not permit changes.

    You must read the conditions of the fare or fares you purchased when booking online, on the ticket purchase page, before completing the purchase of your ticket.

    No charges apply when applying for a refund through FLYTAP. If you apply for a refund through either the Contact Centre or a sales desk, then a service charge of €20 per ticket will be made, regardless of the fare.

    If you do not know the conditions of your fare or fares, or you have doubts, please contact us.