Terra dos Sonhos

Thank you for all the miles donated.

Terra dos Sonhos is about much more than giving hope. It is a Portuguese non-profit organisation that continually encourages the well-being of children, young people and adults through three distinct programmes: Transforming Dreams, Dream Workshops and WeGuide. 

They are carers who believe nothing is impossible and facilitate all dimensions of mental, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual wellbeing and health. These programmes help them accompany, care for and empower individuals, families, carers and health professionals. Terra dos Sonhos wants to help those who are most vulnerable, whether it's a child with a serious illness, a young person in foster care far from their family or an adult with a chronic illness. 

Success means impact. And impact means an improvement in the well-being of those we accompany. It is a professional association made up of employees, volunteers, donors, social investors, partners and a community of committed people who amplify and communicate our work on the ground. 

Terra dos Sonhos thanks you for donating your miles

This solidarity venture was a success and, therefore, it is no longer possible for us to accept any more donations for this charity.

Terms and conditions

  1. Refunds are not possible.
  2. The donations of miles are not valid for tax deductions.
  3. Campaign valid for all TAP Miles&Go Clients with sufficient miles to make a donation.