Photo of a caucasian lady, with long black hair, sitting at a table in a TAP Lounge. The lady is wearing earphones and her right hand is using a gray laptop computer on the table in front of her. Still on the table, to the left of the laptop, there is a cell phone. In the foreground of the image, on the left, it is possible to see the green leaves of a plant. In the background, there is a large window with a view over the airport.
At the Airport

Wait for your flight in exclusive access Lounges

Fly with TAP and enjoy access to more than 60 Lounges located in different parts of the world.

Access Lounges with TAP

When traveling with TAP, you have access to more than 60 Lounges around the world, including TAP Premium Lounges where you'll feel like a star! This access is free for premium passengers, and can be purchased if your fare or status does not include this service.

In our Lounges you can relax or work in comfort and privacy while waiting for your flight, enjoying access to the following amenities:

Composition with a white and light blue background. In the center, on a one-legged table, a bottle and a bowl with a bunch of grapes. All elements have a white background and a green outline. To the left, in the background, a green glass with a red liquid. To the right, a green tablet with a white screen and the wi-fi symbol in pink.
Leisure and meals

Exclusive spaces perfect for relaxing, with free meals and drinks.

Illustration consisting of three elements. On the left is a pink and white tablet, in the center is a white laptop and on the right are some green fonts.
Work Areas

Quiet workspaces equipped with computers, printers, and Wi-Fi.

Illustration consisting of three elements. On the left is a green liquid soap dispenser bottle. In the center is a white shower spraying green drops of water, and to the right is a green flask with a kit of hygiene products such as a toothbrush and toothpaste.
More amenities

Private bathrooms and showers.

How to access Lounges with TAP?

Discover our spaces:

TAP Premium Lounge Tejo
Located at Lisbon airport
in the Schengen area
Opening hours
5.00 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.
320 seated places
TAP Premium Lounge Atlântico
Located at Lisbon airport
in the Non-Schengen area
Opening hours
5.00 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.
100 seated places

Relax and enjoy the services we have for you

Image of a table full of food. Two jars of jam and croquettes can be seen in the foreground. In the center of the table lies a cake on a white dish. The cake is surrounded by glass jars containing cereals and by a basket with croissants on its right side.

Enjoy a wide range of hot and cold Portuguese dishes, prepared with a variety of fresh products.

Image of a caucasian lady, with long, straight black hair, sitting on a beige sofa in a TAP Lounge. The lady is facing the image, using a gray laptop in front of her on a round brown table. To the right of the computer, on the table, there is a cell phone and, on the sofa, there is a burgundy women's bag.

Available throughout the Lounge, you will be able to use the Wi-Fi network free of charge, whether it be for work or entertainment.

Now, when you connect to the Lounge's Wi-Fi, you can also use the PressReader app for a sustainable and diverse digital reading experience with more than 7000 publications from around the world.

Image of a gentleman and a lady, caucasian, with dark hair, sitting at the bar of a TAP Lounge. They are facing the image with the white bar counter in front of them, on top of which are two glasses of red wine that they both hold in their hands. In the foreground of the image, on the left, there is a lady facing the background, with long brown hair.
Bar service

Enjoy a social moment animated by our offer of national and international drinks, and cocktails made by our barmen.
(Only available in the TAP Premium Lounge Tejo).

Know the rules of conduct of the TAP Premium Lounges

TAP is pleased to welcome you to the TAP Premium Lounges before your next trip departing from Lisbon.
Your cooperation and compliance with the rules below will guarantee you greater comfort so that you can fully enjoy the available services. Your trip starts here.

The following is forbidden:

  • Entering the TAP Premium Lounges without prior verification of eligibility;
  • Entry of passengers without an identification document;
  • Entry of unaccompanied minors;
  • Entry of animals, except for animals duly authorized and documented, which cannot be removed from the carriers in which they are transported (except for guide dogs);
  • Consuming drinks or food other than those available in the TAP Premium Lounges;
  • Consuming any food or drink purchased outside the TAP Premium Lounges;
  • Removing crockery and/or any other object from the TAP Premium Lounges;
  • Lying down and/or resting your feet on the sofas or tables;
  • Smoking, including electronic cigarettes;
  • Walking around the TAP Premium Lounges barefoot and/or in underwear;
  • Using devices whose sound disturbs the tranquility of the environment inside the TAP Premium Lounges;
  • Capturing images or videos inside the TAP Premium Lounges without the proper authorization of TAP Air Portugal;
  • The consumption, by minors, of alcoholic beverages as it is dictated by the terms of the current law;
  • The use of any type of illegal object;
  • The consumption of any type of illegal substance;
  • The adoption of any illegal action or behavior;
  • The adoption of any inappropriate behavior, such as drunkenness, rude attitudes, aggressive attitudes or any act considered harmful and/or inappropriate for the environment and normal functioning of the TAP Premium Lounges;
  • Making it difficult for employees to perform their duties and/or refusing to comply with their instructions.

It is the customer's duty to:
  • Take care of the TAP Premium Lounges property, preventing damage to any object;
  • Respect the cleanliness and organization of the TAP Premium Lounges;
  • Be responsible for their own personal objects, documents and belongings in general;
  • Adopt an appropriate behavior and ensure a peaceful environment at the TAP Premium Lounges;
  • Consume any alcoholic beverage in a manner that is moderate and responsible;
  • Pay attention to their own flight boarding time.


TAP Premium Lounges employees reserve the right to ask customers who do not comply with the rules and duties described above to leave, and, if deemed appropriate, request the intervention of the Police.

Are you going to fly in Economy Class?

Buy now
Buy now
Purchase access to the Lounges now!
If you are traveling with Discount, Basic, Classic or Plus tickets and want to wait comfortably, with privacy and tranquility, get your access to the Lounges now:

From 25 EUR / 31 USD / 41 CAD to 60 EUR / 77 USD / 92 CAD or from 4,950 to 11,880 miles.
You can check the price for access to the Lounges applicable to your trip while making your booking and, subsequently, in the Manage your Booking area on flyTAP ( Prices may vary depending on the type of extra service, the purchase channel*, how much time in advance it was made, the date of the trip, as well as the origin and destination.

*Purchase channel: flyTAP (during the booking process, or, after booking, in the Manage your Booking area), Online Check-in, Kiosks and Counters at the airport, TAP Contact Center and Travel Agencies.
For transactions conducted outside Europe that use different local currencies, the service amount will be converted from the USD fixed price to the local currency (except Canada).

How to have access to the Lounges

If you already have your boarding pass issued, please note that after purchasing Lounge access, you will need to have it issued again for this service to appear on your boarding pass. This way your access to the Lounge is guaranteed.
Airport Lounge Terminal
Acra Adinkra Lounge International Departure Lounge
Belém W Lounge   
Belo Horizonte Ambaar Lounge  International Terminal 
Bissau Airport Lounge Airport Terminal
Cancun  Mera Lounge  Terminal 4
Caracas Executive Lounge   International
Casablanca  Pearl lounge Terminal 2  
Copenhaga Aviator Terminal 2
Estocolmo Menzies Lounge   Terminal 5
Genebra1 Horizon Airport Terminal
1 Not available for trips after October 1st, 2023.
Airport Lounge Terminal
Lisbon TAP Premium Lounge Tejo Terminal 1, floor 6, Schengen area
Lisbon  TAP Premium Lounge Atlântico  Terminal 1, floor 5, Non-Schengen area
London - Gatwick No.1 Lounge Terminal Sul
Luxembourg Luxair   
Maputo FNB Lounge Terminal 1
Marraquexe  Pearl lounge  Terminal 1
Porto  ANA Lounge Terminal 1
Porto Alegre  Ambaar Lounge  
Praga Erste Premier Lounge   Terminal 2 
Airport Lounge Terminal
Rome Prima Vista Lounge Terminal 1 
Salvador Ambaar Lounge   
Stockholm  Menzies Lounge Terminal 5 
Tanger  Pearl Lounge  Terminal 2
Toulouse  La Croix du Sud  
  • These services are available only on flights operated by TAP or operated on its behalf and TAP Express;
  • The value of this service is non-refundable, even when there is a purchase of the Upgrade service (either through auction or fixed price, with cash or miles). However, if after purchase of Lounge access, the original fare is changed and the ticket reissued for a business cabin fare, which has already included this service, then you can request a refund;
  • Subject to availability;
  • Available on the day of the departure flight and subject to the timetables in each Lounge;
  • If there is more than one Lounge with an agreement with TAP at the same airport, you will not be able to choose which Lounge to use when purchasing access online. This choice must be made at the airport;
  • The purchase of Lounge access is for single use only and does not allow multiple entries and/or access to multiple Lounges at the same airport.

Who is entitled?

Passengers traveling on flights operated by TAP:
That fly in
Business Class
With statutes
TAP Miles&Go Silver, Gold and Navigator or Star Alliance Gold
With cards
TAP Platinum Visa

What Lounges can I have access to?

See below for all Lounges available by airport, depending on your fare or status:
Airport Lounge Terminal Executive Class Navigator / TAP Miles&Go Gold TAP Miles&Go Silver Star Alliance Gold
Accra Adinkra Lounge International Departure Lounge
Amsterdam Star Alliance Lounge Terminal 1 -
Barcelona AENA Lounge-Sala Pau Casals   - -
Banjul Excel Lounge Departures Terminal, 2nd Floor
Belém  W Lounge1       -   
Belo Horizonte  Ambaar Lounge International Terminal      -  
Berlin Lufthansa Lounge Terminal 1 -
Bissau Airport Lounge Main Terminal, 2nd Floor
Bologna  Marconi Business Lounge        -  
Boston  The Club Terminal C       -  
Brasilia Sala Vip Internacional Airport Terminal
Brussels T Lounge  

The Loft  

The Suite  

Cancun  Mera Lounge Terminal 4       -  
Caracas  Italcambio International    -
 Executive Lounge International   - 
Chicago  SAS Business Lounge    ✓   ✓  -

Copenhagen Aviator Terminal 2 -
SAS Lounge Terminal 3
Dakar Infinity Lounge  
Dublin T1 Lounge  Terminal 1      -   

LH Business Lounge

  - - -
LH Senator Lounge
Faro ANA Lounge         -  
Florence Vip Club Lounge    -
Fortaleza Ambaar Club  International Zone     -  
Frankfurt LH Business Lounge Hall A - - -

LH Senator Lounge

Hall A - -

Funchal ANA Lounge    ✓  ✓   -  ✓ 


Swiss Business Lounge International Terminal -
LH SEN / Business Lounge Terminal 2, 2nd Floor -

1The lounge is available 3 hours prior to the flight's departure.

Airport Lounge Terminal Executive Class Navigator / TAP Miles&Go Gold TAP Miles&Go Silver Star Alliance Gold
Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)  Sala VIP Galdós (AENA)       -   
Lisbon TAP Premium Lounge Tejo Terminal 1, 6th Floor, Schengen area 1
Lisbon TAP Premium Lounge Atlântico   Terminal 1, 5th Floor, Non-Schengen area
London - Gatwick No.1 Lounge South Terminal -
London - Heathrow2 LH Business Lounge Terminal 2A, 5th Floor, Departures -
LH Senator Lounge


Maple Leaf Terminal 2B -
Singapore Airlines' SilverKris Lounge Terminal 2B -
United Club Terminal 2B -
Luanda TAAG Lounge International Terminal, 1st Floor -
Luxembourg  Luxair        -  
Lyon Confluence Lounge  Terminal 1       -  
 Mont Blanc Lounge Terminal 1       -  
Madrid Sala Puerta de Alcalá AENA Lounge - -
Sala Puerta del Sol  
- -
Málaga Sala VIP (AENA)          -  
Manchester Aspire Airport Lounge        -   
Maputo FNB Lounge Terminal B
Miami Turkish Airlines   - -
Milan - Malpensa LH Lounge (Schengen Area) Terminal 1A -
Montreal Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge   -
Munich LH Senator+Bus. Lounge Teminal 2 (Schengen) -
Naples Pearl Lounge  Terminal 1       -  
Nice Library Lounge   Terminal 1      -  
New York - EWR LH Lounge
Terminal B

SAS Business Lounge  Terminal B -
UA Lounge Terminal C -
New York – JFK LH Busines Lounge  Terminal 1       -  
Oslo OSL Lounge

SAS Business Lounge International Terminal, 2nd Floor -
Paris  N/A3    ✓       
Prague Erste Premier Lounge   Terminal 2    -  
Porto ANA Lounge (Airport Lounge) Terminal 1 1
Porto Alegre  Ambaar Club        -   

1Always available on intercontinental flights. Also available in Lisbon for 4 annual visits on flights to Europe and Morocco.
2Get the voucher to access the Lounge at the ticket desk, either at the Executive desk or at the Airline Service Desk (transfers) in the boarding gates area. 
3In the absence of lounge, claim a meal voucher at the check-in desk.

Airport Lounge Terminal Executive Class Navigator / TAP Miles&Go Gold TAP Miles&Go Silver Star Alliance Gold
Rio de Janeiro - Galeão Star Alliance Lounge Terminal 2
GOL South Pier, 3rd Floor - -
Rome Prima Vista Lounge Terminal 1 -
Salvador  Ambaar Club        -  
São Francisco  United Club
São Paulo Espaço Banco Safra Terminal 3
Stockholm Menzies Executive Lounge   Terminal 5  
SAS Lounge   Terminal 5, 3rd Floor, 1 A     -   -
Tel Aviv  Dan Lounge (B, C & E) Terminal 3    - 
Toronto Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Terminal 1 Pier F-International (TBC) -
Toulouse  La Croix du Sud        -  
Valencia  Sala VIP Joan Olivert (AENA)     ✓   - ✓ 
Venice  Marco Polo Lounge        -  
Vienna Austrian Business Class Lounge Airport Terminal, 1st Floor - - -
Austrian Senator Lounge Austrian Star Alliance Terminal -
Warsaw LOT Business Lounge Polonez  Terminal A      -   
Washington  Turkish Airlines Lounge   -
Zurich Aspire Lounge
  - - - -
Swiss Lounge center / Business Terminal 1 -

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