Manage Booking

Manage your booking online

Greater autonomy and speed at just one click

Accessing all your booking information has just become much simpler. Take advantage of all the things our digital tools can do online:
  • Preview and change your booking;
  • Add the products and services that you need;
  • Upgrade your trip;
  • Book your seat;
  • Issue your receipt;
  • Check detailed information on your trip;
  • Enjoy faster access to information;
  • Manage and check everything with full autonomy.

An easy to manage booking

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Flight extras
Check out the services you can add to your flight.
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Time to Think
Do you need time to think? Now you can save your booking for 48 hours.
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Online invoice
Request here the invoice.
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Self Service tool
For delayed or cancelled flights.
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TAP Vouchers
Learn more about the available voucher types.
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