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TAP Economy Booster

Flight extras

TAP offers several extra services on each flight that can provide you with a unique experience.

All the convenience for your trip

On land or on board discover the services and extras can offer you.
Boost your trip in Economy with the TAP Economy Boosters and travel with everything you need: add baggage or extra comfort to your trip, and enjoy greater flexibility in managing your booking. Find out what we have available and how you can purchase it.
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From 30€ / $39 / 49CAD / 6.000 miles
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Hold baggage
Add an extra bag with a maximum of 23kg/50lbs and 158 cm/62in and travel with everything you need.
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From 10€ / $13 / 17 CAD / 2.500 miles
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Booking a seat
Book your favorite seat on TAP planes in advance and travel with all the space and comfort you need.
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From 8€ / $10 / 14 CAD / 2.000 miles
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Preferred boarding
Board the plane in zone A, be one of the first to get on board, and get more room in the cabin for your hand baggage.
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From 25€ / $31 / 41 CAD / 4.950 miles
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Lounge access
Get access to the lounges and relax or work in comfort, privacy and tranquility while waiting for your flight.
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From 10€ / $13 / 17 CAD / 2.071 miles
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Fast Track
Add Fast Track to your booking, enjoy the fast track in security control, and quickly access the boarding gate.
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From 45€ / $58 / 69 CAD / 9.000 miles
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Sports Equipment
Take sports with you! Whether it's golf, skiing, diving, surfing or anything else, TAP transports your sports equipment.
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Meals on board
Enjoy a variety of meals that excel in the quality, flavor and freshness of the products. In addition to the Economy and Executive menus, you can also opt for a special dish chosen by you.
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From 60€ / $72 / 91 CAD / 11.000 miles
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Upgrade your booking and fly with all the benefits of an Executive Class seat or an Economy Class Comfort seat.
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Travel Insurance
Sign up for travel insurance and guarantee the refund in some cases of cancellation, coverage of expenses for medical incidents and access to permanent assistance.
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4€ / $6 / 8 CAD
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Time to think
Make an 48-hour, 5 or 10-day online pre-booking and seal your trip's booking at the desired fare and price.
Important information
  • These services are available only on flights operated by TAP or operated on its behalf and TAP Express;
  • Non-refundable (check the exceptions applied);
  • Subject to availability;
  • The payment of extras with miles is only available online, when booking with, through the Booking Manager or Contact Center.

Visit the respective service page for more information.

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