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    Flying with infants and children - Information

    Infants and children on board

    We care about our most demanding passengers! Here is some important information, advice and tips to make traveling with the very young easier.

    Offering the best for our youngest passengers

    Learn how to prepare for your trip with your baby or child, what you can carry on board and how we can help. 
    Follow our recommendations and instructions. 
    Have a good trip with your baby or child!

    Have you got everything organized for your trip? If not, we can help you.


    • On long trips, choose an overnight flight so your children can sleep during the flight.
    • Take their favorite blanket or teddy bear on board so they feel more secure.
    • Bring toys to entertain them during the trip.
    • Walk around the airport with the children while you are waiting to board.
    • Be among the first to board the aircraft so it’ll be easier to get settled in.

    Newborn babies 

    Air travel is not recommended during the first 7 days of life.
    In emergencies, TAP must be contacted so that its medical services department can assess the situation.


    The carry-on baggage and checked baggage allowance for children (aged from 2 to 12) is the same as the baggage allowance for adults.

    The baggage allowance for babies (2 years and under) is different. If this applies to you, be aware you can take your baby’s food for consumption on the plane during the flight. 

    For full information about checked baggage, see here or use the baggage simulator to find out what you are allowed to take with you.