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    Carry-on baggage - Calculate the weight permitted

    Carry-on baggage

    The most important things go with you.

    Whenever you travel with TAP you can carry cabin luggage completely free of charge.

    • 115 cm / 45 in Maximum size of carry-on luggage: 55x40x20 cm/22x16x8 in.
    • 10 or 18 kg If flying in Economy Class*, the maximum weight will be 1 piece up to 8 Kg, plus 1 personal item with a maximum weight of 2 Kg/4.4 Ib. If flying in Executive Class**, you can carry 2 pieces up to 8 Kg each, plus 1 personal item with a maximum weight of 2 Kg/4.4 Ib.

    *Excluding flights to / from Venezuela, with only 1 piece of baggage allowed up to 10 kg (22 lb) / 115 cm (55x40x20) or 45 inches (21.5x15.5x8").
    **Exception: To / from USA 1 piece up to 8 Kg and 115cm (55x40x20cm), due to US TSA (Transportation Security Administration) policies.

    What can be a personal item?

    • A purse or a computer bag or shoulder bag (maximum size: 40x30x15 cm / 16x12x5 in);
    • Auxiliary mobility equipment;
    • Medical devices (by prescription/prior approval);
    • With a maximum weight of 2 Kg/4.4 Ib.
    Confirm in advance that your hand baggage is within the permitted limits (in number, size and weight). If exceeding any of these requirements your baggage will be checked into the hold and you will be charged a fee at the boarding gate. Payment will only be possible by credit card.

    Check the opening times of the baggage drop-off desks.

    Find applicable fees below:

    Domestic and European flights (including Morocco) 70 EUR
    Intercontinental flights
    90 EUR / 105 USD / 130 CAD
    Payment will only be possible by credit card.

    Where to stow your carry-on baggage

    Carry-on baggage must be placed underneath the seat in front of you whenever possible.

    On flights that are very full, some hand baggage may need to be checked and carried in the hold due to the lack of space in the cabin. When this happens, the baggage will be checked at the boarding gate and can be collected at baggage reclaim carousel at your destination.

    If is too big, or if you are seated in an emergency exit row or the first row of the cabin, the baggage should be placed in the overhead luggage bin.