Travel to Canada

See the rules for declaring the amount of national and foreign currency you carry with you.

eTA - electronic travel authorization

The eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a document that confirms the bearer is allowed to travel to Canada. From November 2016, the Canadian Government introduced a new immigration regulation. The eTA is now necessary for passengers who previously did not require a visa. It is requested online and is directly linked to the passenger’s passport, and is issued by the government of Canada.

To obtain it, simply go to the official Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website (cic) to confirm your eligibility to travel and request the electronic authorization before departing for Canada. Travelers who have a visa and USA citizens are exempt from this document.

Nationals from the following countries now require an e-TA to visit or travel through Canada:

 Germany  Estonia
 Andorra  Spain  Mexico
 Antigua and Barbuda  Finland  Monaco
 Australia  France  New Zealand
 Austria  Greece  Norway
 Bahamas  Netherlands  Papua New Guinea
 Barbados  Hong Kong  Poland
 Belgium  Hungary
 Brunei  Solomon Islands  United Kingdom
 Chile  Irlanda  Czech Republic
 Cyprus  Iceland  San Marino
 Croatia  Israel  Samoa
 South Korea
 Italy  Singapore
 Denmark  Japan  Sweden
 Slovakia  Latvia  Switzerland
 Slovenia  Liechtenstein  Taiwan

Further information here (PDF, 0.97MB,EN).