In the foreground of the picture there is a woman sitting comfortably in an Executive Class seat, looking at the window. She is wearing an orange sweater, a golden necklace, pearl earrings, and tied hair. Behind her sits a bearded man with a black shirt and a black pullover.

Travelling on business

Enjoy more comfortable business trips. Look at what we have for you.
TAP Corporate is our loyalty programme designed especially for small- and medium-sized companies, helping them reduce the cost of business travel. 
The programme gives companies the chance to earn a balance (through a percentage of the fare paid and the fuel tax) on the purchase of their trips. This balance can be used as full or partial payment for:
  • The purchase of TAP tickets;
  • Purchasing additional baggage;
  • Purchasing access to lounges;
  • Booking a seat on the plane;

The TAP Corporate card is available online at This programme is free, and there is no minimum spend required to sign up. All of the company’s employees can also earn miles through the TAP Miles&Go Programme. Click here to find out how it works.

TAP Corporate TOP is intended for companies with a large volume of business and travel. Minimum annual revenue volumes with TAP are required.
This product offers personalized support through an assigned account manager as well as special fares. The product is available in two models to ensure it meets the needs of each large business:
  • Price based - this model offers (economy class) discounts depending on the volume of business and to the main destinations while also offering other benefits for those flying on TAP-operated flights.
  • Service based - this model offers (executive class) discounts depending on the volume of business and to the main destinations while also offering other benefits on the ground through the TAP Corporate TOP card on TAP-operated flights:
Product designed for multinational companies that acquire their business travel in at least two different markets and which have a considerable volume of business. We offer a wide range of discounts across the entire TAP network, as well as additional benefits for the companies and their staff.
TAP Meetings is ideal for organising congresses and conferences. This partnership with TAP offers flexibility, depending on the type of event and numbers taking part.

Participants at and organisers of these events can enjoy benefits including fare discounts and more flexibility when booking plane tickets. Find out what we have for you.
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TAP Corporate
Give your business wings with this programme for companies that want to save on their business travel.
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Discover our special offers and benefits for your convention.
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3 different ways to upgrade. Experience the feeling of flying Executive Class with TAP.
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Your perfect getaway, to relax or work before boarding.
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Fast Track
X-ray and security check without queuing, meaning more convenience.
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TAP Miles&Go Programme
See what we have to offer and make the most of what we have for you. Give your world more miles.
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Your meal has arrived for European flights
Not just on intercontinental flights, you can choose your meal in Executive Class, when departing from Lisbon to Europe.
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