APAV – Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima

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The Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) is a national Social Solidarity Private Institution (IPSS), whose mission is to promote and contribute in informing, protect and assist citizens victims of crime. Fundamental institution in the work for the improvement of public, social and private policies, focused on the victim's status, working to make them fully recognized, valued and effective, contributing to a more inclusive society. It provides social, psychological and legal assistance, among others, in an individual, humane, confidential and free to crime victims, their families and friends.

APAV is present in the national territory (continent and autonomous regions) through 68 Proximity Services: 19 Victim Support Offices; 4 Mobile Victim Support Teams with 31 Roaming Service Centers; 3 Shelters that shelter women victims of domestic violence and trafficking of human beings and their children; Victim Support Line and distance support, and Safe Internet Line and 3 specialized support networks: children and young people victims of sexual violence; family members and friends of homicide victims; and killers and discrimination.

APAV thanks you for donating your miles

This solidarity venture was a success and, therefore, it is no longer possible for us to accept any more donations for this charity.

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